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What is Havening?

Havening uses the latest brain science techniques for dealing with trauma, stress and anxiety using the body’s own neurochemical processes to heal and recover.

At The Havening Clinic we use the latest scientific discoveries related to the brain and how it deals with trauma & stress in order to bring you relief even when other treatments may not have been successful.

Easy, safe, and private, havening allows you to be guided in relaxing therapy without the need for years of sessions of psychotherapy.

How does havening actually work?

Rewires the brain for lasting results

Havening allows us to take elements that may be causing you distress, fear or panic, or simply unwanted behaviors and literally rewire your brain into making a kind of reset.

Havening usually works completely in as few as one or two sessions. Sometimes, havening for one issue can reveal others underlying, but these can also be treated simply and effectively.

Via Movement & Touch

In recent years Neuroscientists have discovered that certain movements and touch of the body in a specific sequence can stimulate our neuro cells and generate permanent physical changes to the neurology of the brain.

Certain movements and touch of the body in a specific sequence can stimulate our neuro cells and generate permanent physical changes to the neurology of the brain.

The Neuroscience Behind Havening

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Who Does Havening Work For?

Havening works effectively for those with:

  • Phobias

  • Memories of painful events

  • Grief and sadness

  • Persistent feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic

  • Compulsions and unwanted cravings

  • Weight loss

  • Lack of confidence

  • Fear of public speaking

How booking works

Click on the link below to find a time slot. Payment can be made directly on the booking page.

What some of our clients are saying

Clarice L., Tribeca

I was suffering from anxiety attacks and fear of meeting new people. I was too scared to shake hands with people because of my sweaty palms. Afterwards I was able to participate in a training seminar with the anxiety completely gone.

Manjit S., Toronto

A friend recommended The Havening Clinic to me for dealing with my phobia of spiders. It was interfering with my day to day life to a level I can’t describe.

Within one session I was able to be not only cured of the phobia but I’ve actually started rescuing the spiders I find in my home. If you know me, you’ll know how crazy that sounds.

Siggy R., Stockholm

I had weight issues and anxiety from over indulging in chocolate Milka bars. No amount of diet made a difference and I feared diabetes would follow.

Marc W., Ann Arbor

I was a smoker since high school. Tried to quit so many times. This time it’s worked. Three months and counting and I’ve turned into one of those all out anti-smokers! Driving my old smoking friends crazy, but I don’t care. I’m cured. The cravings and need for nicotine, now gone.

Melanie T., Hampstead

I have had issues with confidence since my divorce. I didn’t think I could go out and meet someone new at my age and with a young daughter.
Havening took me to a different place and helped build up my confidence enough to start dating again.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Rishi M., Anaheim

My doctor used to comment on my weight. I know, it wasn’t nice but then really neither was my addiction to chocolate. I had tried every diet known before but after Havening and a bit of hypnotherapy it stopped my indulgence in a single session. I’m not quite sure how it worked, but it did.

And, yes I moved doctors, too! I like the fact that I learned to haven myself in the session too. That’s a real bonus.


Can I have sessions online?

Yes, all our sessions are carried out online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home and at a time that works for you. Click here to book

How long is a session?

Each session runs for 90 mins. During this time your therapist will ask you some questions about your situation but you do not need to go into detailed explanation. Just a general idea of your issue, i.e. phobia of snakes, lack of confidence, etc.

What happens during a session?

During this time your therapist will ask you some questions about why you are on the video call and what it is that you are looking to deal with. You can be quite general and do not need to discuss intimate details of trauma for instance.

How many sessions will I need?

Many issues can be healed in a single session. Others may need further sessions should you feel the need. Sometimes fixing one issue may uncover others but you are free to book more sessions or not as you choose.

I have multiple issues, anxieties, phobias…

Each session is dedicated to a single issue. Getting to the cause of each specific issue is paramount when havening. However, many clients find that dealing with one issue can also positively affect other things in their lives.So, even if you have multiple issues you want to address, you can see how you feel after one session before needing book further sessions.

What kind of phobias can havening help?

We regularly deal with all the common phobias such as fear of flying, vertigo, spiders, snakes but also some more unusual phobias such as fear of bubbles, fear of sleeping, fear of board games and even a phobia around ‘little people’.Phobias all occupy a similar place in our brains, therefore whatever your phobia is we can certainly help.

What kind of compulsions can havening help?

We regularly deal with all the common compulsions such as smoking, overeating, chocolate or other food compulsions, nail biting, skin scratching, coffee consumption etc.Basically we can successfully treat any kind of compulsion you may have.

How do I know havening will work for me?

Most of our clients get their issues resolved in very few sessions but as with any therapy there can be no absolute guarantees. You may have tried other therapies before discovering The Havening Clinic and those may not have worked but the chances that havening will work for you are extremely high.It is extremely rare for the clinic to work with a client whom we are unable to help.

Will I need to keep coming back for more havening?

Usually, no. The sessions you will have should cure your issues once and for all.We do find that some clients like to return regularly for guided sessions but it is not a necessity.However, the techniques used with you during a session can be later used on your own should you need them. This means you can take away not just the benefits of feeling great from being healed but also the skills to carry out your own havening in the future should you need it.

I have a friend/family member who I think needs havening…

We are always here to help, but please understand that the person you are referring must want to be healed of any issues.For example bringing your child because of behavior that you, as a parent, may want to change probably will not work unless the child is an active participant in the process.Similarly with family members. We all have family members we think would benefit from healing but they must be willing to actively seek the help themselves.If you have any questions at all that are not answered here, please feel free to get in touch directly here.

How do I book my session?

Just click on the Book Session buttons and follow the instructions.All bookings are automatically translated into your time zone.

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